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I am passionate about all I do.

I’m a photographer, a writer and a genealogist and although all three sound so different, they are closely linked.

Photography gives me a chance to create a magical experience for my clients.

Genealogy, allows me to get deeper into a Families history and shed light on their history.

Being an Author gives me an opportunity to share my life experiences and knowledge with others.

As a photographer, I tell stories through my camera,  as a published author, I tell stories through words, and by being a genealogist, I use my photography and my writing and build/document family trees for my clients by means of coffee table Albums.

I never saw Neil Armstrong land on the moon because we didn’t have Television in South Africa, but I  more than made up for it when I met and photographed him at a Liberty Life conference a number of years ago, and was photographed with him!

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