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Writing books is another way of expressing thoughts and ideas and when people enjoy what I write, it gives me endless pleasure.  I am no Shakespeare, but people say they love my style and they feel as though they are with me, as though what I say in my book, is being said directly to them.

I get calls from people all over the world to say they are enjoyed, or have enjoyed, my book/s and they want to ask questions, and I see this as a huge compliment

Why I decided to share Catastrophe


It’s not easy to write a personal and very sensitive story and put it out there into the public eye.  

I wrote the book with Angela at times, and it helped me so much when she confided in me during the time she was ‘cleaning up” and we worked together as a Team, instead of my just writing a story about my daughter.

During the dark years of her addiction, I was totally in the dark as to what was actually  going on.  I wanted to write it all down, and share it with other people who were in the same horrible boat as I had been in, in the hope that they would realise that the story I was writing about, was actually their story too.

Writing the book was really the most cathartic experience.

Reading ‘Catastrophe’ helped people who learned so much about their own loved ones from what I had written about Angela.  And this was what I had wanted, to share and to help.

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My adult children have always called my Father (who passed away when I was just 17) “Granny’s Husband.” To them, he was just a man in a photograph, Granny’s husband, and they knew so little about him.

To me, he was many things, and he had a life, parents, grandparents, he was a wonderful musician, he was a wonderful card player, a great swimmer, and he had an amazing sense of humour.  he also suffered a huge loss in 1951 which affected all of us.

During the time I wrote this book, my family all came ‘alive’ for me, and I enjoyed it so much, as I miss them all terribly.

I wanted to write about my ANXIETY for people to learn that it is not only them. I had thought I was the only one, until I went to the ‘Panic and Anxiety Support Group” and found literally thousands of people with Anxiety and I felt better just knowing I was not alone.

I wrote about how it was for me when I came to South Africa and found APARTHEID. 

I wrote about my best friend’s Mother’s ALCOHOLISM and how the family coped or didn’t cope, whichever way you look at it.  Drugs and Alcohol are a huge problem in society.

ABUSE is horrendous and it is so prevalent today.  In so many different shapes and forms.  Be it physical or verbal or emotional.  Sticks and stones may break my bones, and words with ALWAYS hurt me..

I write because I love to share everything with my readers. I personally always hope they will identify with what I am saying and they do, and that is my biggest reward and pleasure.

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