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From Shamayim (Heaven) with Love.

By Anne Lapedus Brest

Heard at a Wedding speech by the Chossen (Groom) to his Kalleh (Bride) …..

“And I know, that if your late husband should be looking down from Shamayim (Heaven) at this wonderful Simcha (Happy Event), he would be thrilled to see us so happy “……

Oh really???????????

I am sure that the poor dead late Husband “Olev hasholem” would not be happy at all. He would probably want to choke the living breath out of her new Chossen, (scratch his eyes out is the popular expression here) that’s for sure.

He would not be happy at all to see his beautiful relic (that’s the correct word for the remaining other-half) looking radiant, rushing to the Chupah (wedding Canopy) with him not even cold in his grave. Oh no, siree.

Yes, (yawn!) I know, I know. It’s a Mitzvah for the remaining half to get married ASAP (particularly if it’s a man) but that does not mean the poor dead late husband Olev Hasholem has to be HAPPY about it.

Why would he be happy?

What’s there to be happy about??.

Here is his beautiful woman now entering into matrimonial bliss, with somebody else. That “somebody else” is going to be taking his son to watch sport, movies, Shul, school, dentist, doctor. (Yes, at least there is a mensch around to do that, but wouldn’t the late husband Olev Hasholem rather be the one doing those loving chores with his own children??

The fact that that somebody else is in his home, his bed, his life, married to HIS wife, busy with HIS children, surely cannot make him look down from Shamayim and smile and approve. He is probably not smiling at all.

He is probably sick with anxiety, with regret, with remorse, with longing to be back with his loved ones. He’d rather be alive, than dead.

So unless the current Chossen has actually discussed this with the dead Husband, shouldn’t he rather just keep quiet.

I mean does he really know?

No, he doesn’t. Of course he would like to think that his predecessor would be smiling down from Shamayim. But he doesn’t know it at all.

It’s a crazy thing to say, when you come to think of it.

From Shamayim with Love

Anne Lapedus Brest


Contact details.

Cel: 082 452 7166


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