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"If the sheital fits, WEAR IT". If the Yalmulka fits, WEAR IT" !!!!!


To all those in their magnificent sheitals, with good hearts and good "midas" and mitzvah people, I salute you and admire you. I would like to emulate you

To those of you in sheitals and yalmulkes who have bad attitudes, you get the THUMBS DOWN darlings....

I have bleated about this before on facebook, and to friends socially, but in the light of this special weekend of the Shabbos Project, coming up, I want to say that I find it most unbecoming to find frum women in Sheitals, holier than thou, the sanctemonious cows. but meantime, they dont concentrate on the finer and smaller Mitzvohs in life.

They don't see the bigger picture, they only worry about how they appear in public, as big Tzadeikeses! ( righteous women) - you make me SICK...

To those women out there who think nothing of embarrassing you, and humiliating you, (which the Torah totally forbids) and all the while hiding under your badly fitting sheitals. you make me SICK....

Doesnt it say in the Torah to treat your neighbour as yourself???"" well, DO IT... stop being a cow under your sheital, otherwise, take it off.... You dont deserve to wear it....

SHEITALS and YARMULKES do not impress me. GOOD MANNERS and GOOD NATURES, and being GOOD PEOPLE impress me. Being KIND to others impresses me, Being CARING and having respect for parents and grandparents, wives and husbands, children and colleagues,

THIS is impressive.

This message is NOT for anyone of my friends on my site. This is just the way I feel about people out and about, from how men treat people in business, and how women behave badly under their sheitals..

If the sheital fits, WEAR IT..

When women are getting married, and they attend the programmes the Shuls offer, I wish to the high heavens that the Sheital wearers would be TAUGHT a few things about being "really frum" and not just wearing the uniform.......

Again, I salute all of you I know well, who wear sheitals with pride, who are good women, and a credit to their communities, and their families. Kol Hakavod to all of you, and I could name hundreds of you

To those of you who don't behave, SIES on you, man.....


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