About Me

Welcome to Anne Brest Photography, Genealogy and Author.

I’m a photographer, a writer and a genealogist and although all three sound so different, they are closely linked.

As a photographer, I tell stories through my camera,  as a published author, I tell stories through words, and by being a genealogist, I use my photography and my writing and build/document family trees for my clients by means of coffee table Albums.

Great shoot on Thursday 4th Oct – photographing a talk on the  movie “Ellen” (The Ellen Pakkies story).   Psychologist (on the case) Dr. Martin Yodaiken and the Producer Paulo Areal… Don’t miss this movie, it’s harrowing but a must see.

I never saw Neil Armstrong land on the moon because we didn’t have Television in South Africa, but I  more than made up for it when I met and photographed him at a Liberty Life conference a number of years ago, and was photographed with him!



  • FAMILY SEARCHES AT NATIONAL ARCHIVES, Pretoria ,  including photographs of the documents
  • WAR RECORDS from Pretoria
  • FAMILY  STORIES  WRITTEN and put onto CD
  • FAMILY  STORIES  WRITTEN and illustrated in Coffee Table Books.
  • CEMETERY VISITS to photograph GRAVE STONES  of family members


Why I decided to share our story.

It’s not easy to write a personal and very sensitive story and put it out there into the public eye.   

I wrote the book with Angela at times, and it helped me so much when she confided in me during the time she was ‘cleaning up” and we worked together as a Team, instead of my just writing a story about my daughter..

During the dark years of her addiction, I was totally in the dark as to what was actually  going on.. I wanted to write it all down, and share it with other people who were in the same horrible boat as I had been in, in the hope that they would realise that the story I was writing about, was actually their story too.

Writing the book was really the most cathartic experience .